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100% natural fruity popsicles

the pop shop popsicles are made with lots of fresh fruit & veggies, a little organic cane sugar syrup and no bullshit

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Our story

Our story starts with a genuine love for fresh ingredients.  From a young age we learned to cook whith fresh locally grown produce, rich in flavour. We learned that every season is different and every season has it's own wonderfully tasty fruits & veggies. 

Nothing tastes as good as combining real fresh ingredients into an even more delighfully tasty treat.  Therefore, we created The Pop Shop.


Our popsicles

Our popsicles are pure happiness on a stick! Consisting at least of 70% fresh fruit and veggies, we add a little  organic unrefined cane sugar syrup - just to enhance the rich taste of the fruit.

Sometimes we use tea as a base, because it's full of flavour and good for you. We also love to experiment with fresh herbs and spices and sometimes use plant-based milk to create a unique texture and taste. 


All Natural, all good for you

Our popsicles are suitable for vegans and are gluten- and lactosefree

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a few of our favourite flavours

 We change the taste of our popsicles according to the season